Do a Good Deed and Join Our Experiment

Help a friend or a colleague, plant a tree, volunteer, donate blood…. choose whichever good deed you prefer and do it! Share your good deed with us, participating to our research experiment. See the description below.

Tell Your Friends

Tell your friends about this project and invite them to do a good deed and to join this experiment. Also ask those you helped to participate.

Do Other Good Deeds and Share Them

Now that you know how it works, please keep doing good deeds and fill again our online survey to register them.


We are running an experiment to study how good deeds from all over the world can be connected to increase their power and impact. We want to find the best way to promote and put together little individual actions. Little efforts to produce a big change. To join our experiment DO A GOOD DEED and SHARE IT WITH US clicking on the button below. Then invite your friends. Together we could make the change!

Millennials who favour companies committed to the community
Volunteer travelers who found their trip to be meaningful
Women with university degree who volunteer
Employees who volunteer and are satisfied with their employer

Research Results

We will combine Semantic and Social Network Analysis, to study the patterns behind the good deeds all over the world.

We want a network for good.

This is the first step of a research meant to change the world, thanks to the synergy of many small individual actions.

Join the next phases of this project!

While filling in our survey you could tell us if you wish to be informed about the results. If so, we will keep you posted and involved in the evolution of this project.

Come back in a few months to see what happened